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Character Biographies 
25th-Apr-2007 09:01 am
Steve Carlson - Love never loses

Height: 6'2''
Occupation: Landscaper
Education: B.S in Agricultural Sciences from the Uni of Nebraska
Age: 35
Info: Alex chose landscaping because working with soil and plants struck him as simple, contemplative profession. He created a serene life for himself and his adoring wife, Kathryn, which all came to an abrupt halt when someone kidnaps her. Desprate to get her back, Alex is coerced into the race. He doesn't know where Kathryn is or who has her, but he'll stop at nothing to find her. And that means winning the race.

Height: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Info: Corinna remains a mystery and that is how she'd like to keep it. She seems to know more about the race than any of the other participents. For a while, she observed the race and its contestants. She sized them up and even seemed to consider who would make the best race partner. Intellegant and beautiful, Corinna has held down a string of difficult jobs. While looking at her resume might lead to the conclusion that she was unable to focus, the truth is she was all too focused on one thing. The race. Corinna's lifelong obesession has been to uncover the secrets behind the race, which might include finally bringing the race down.
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