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Fox's TV series Drive
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<align=center>Dedicated to Fox's television series Drive</align>

1) It's okay to have your favorite charactes and then characters that you don't like. We welcome you to voice your opinion but do it in a cival manner. Meaning, please refrain from using unacceptable, tasteless, classless, crass, and/or misogynistic terms.
2) Fan art, such as icons, grafics, fan vids and fics ARE WELCOME. But please, if you do post them, post them behind a LJ-Cut with the proper labels.
3) News of the actors/actresses lives are not allowed here. Though if you've found something that in some way relates to the show, then you're welcome to post it.
4) Starting April 30th if you wish to post an episode review you have to comment with it to the episode review post that will be posted the day after the new episode aired.
5) Spoilers and thoughts on episodes should be placed behind a lj-cut AND CLEARLY LABELED. Also, please note that it is <em>illegal</em> to post re-saved images of scripts and/or transcripts of scripts.
6) For the time being, we'll allow request posts. (This is subject to change)
7) Pimpage of related communities is welcome for the time being, but may end up being a once/twice a month deal.

Any other questions? Pleaase email me here: mssy_winchester@yahoo.com